Be Part of the First Hammersmith Grove Street Sale...

Hammersmith Grove is an exceptionally long street and as residents, it’s not always easy to meet our neighbours and find out what’s going on in our community.

So we’re planning to hold a street sale along the length of the Grove where all ages can easily get involved and help us get to know each other a bit more, as well as help us do a bit of a spring clean. Here’s how we think it could work:

Saturday 10
th June – for 4 hours during the middle of the day

Along the entire length of our amazing street, outside each house. We’re asking the council for permission to close the street from 11am to 5.00pm, from Astrop Terrace junction to Glenthorne Road junction (see traffic plan).

Only you as residents of Hammersmith Grove Residents Association Area* will be able to sell from stalls. We will ask you to pay a “table” fee of £7. This money will go to the Hammersmith Grove Residents Association (HAGRA) to help fund future events.
Buyers: The event will be open to local residents in surrounding Brackenbury, Brook Green, Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith areas.

What will be sold
This is a great opportunity to do a spring clean, make a bit of money and pick up some great bargains. You can sell anything which is in reasonable condition from old books to unwanted toys, clothes to kitchen utensils, bicycles to furniture. You may even want to make things for the sale from art work to biscuits or cakes.

Your Street Needs You!

This is an event for everyone and as such we would love every household to have a stall.
To make this happen we need help and are looking for willing residents to coordinate groups of households and generally contribute to making this a great event.
If you have a gift for playing music, drawing posters, cooking cakes, anything useful please come forward.

Questions or Concerns

If you can help or have questions or concerns, please send them to me, Naomi, at


Find out more about the Hammersmith Grove Residents Association at


*Covering Hammersmith Grove, Astrop Terrace & mews, Richford Street, Grove Mews, Trussley Road 


If you have an announcement you would like to have placed on the noticeboard please get in touch with us via our Contacts page. Each advertisement costs £5. 

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